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Games Similar to “Detroit: Become Human”



Games Like Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human,” a ground-breaking interactive drama created by Quantic Dream that transformed the gaming industry by providing players with a narrative-driven experience in which decisions have a big impact on the plot. Its gripping story, deep character development, and player autonomy have elevated the genre of interactive storytelling to a new level. A number of games captivate players with their immersive narratives, powerful choices, and cinematic gameplay for those looking for experiences similar to these.

1. “Heavy Rain”

Developed by the same team that created “Detroit: Become Human,” “Heavy Rain” is a noir thriller with the Origami Killer at its core. Players alternate between four characters who are all involved in the mystery and have choices that affect the plot. This game features deep and poignant storytelling that highlights the effects of decisions made, resulting in a variety of outcomes.

2. “Beyond: Two Souls”

“Beyond Two Souls,” another paranormal adventure from Quantic Dream, stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes. The player navigates Jodie’s life and her relationship with Aiden, the supernatural being. The story takes a nonlinear form, providing a variety of options and possible outcomes depending on choices made, all the while emphasizing the growth of the characters.

3. “Life is Strange” Series

Dontnod Entertainment’s episodic series blends supernatural elements with narrative-driven gameplay. The plot develops as players take control of Max Caulfield, who learns she has the ability to turn back time. The game encourages an emotional bond with its characters and highlights the ramifications of changing events.

4. “The Walking Dead” Series by Telltale Games

Video games based on “The Walking Dead” comic book series are renowned for their gripping narratives and nuanced emotional representations. In a zombie-apocalyptic setting, players take on the role of Lee Everett and navigate the story by developing relationships and making choices that have a big impact on the plot and relationships with other characters.

5. “Until Dawn”

Supermassive Games’ horror adventure game centers on a group of friends who become stuck on a mountain. By alternating between characters, players alter relationships, determine survival, and shape the plot through their choices. Depending on the choices made, the Butterfly Effect system modifies the plot and produces various results.

6. “The Wolf Among Us”

A narrative-driven game developed by Telltale Games, “The Wolf Among Us” is set in a gritty, noir version of the world where fairy-tale characters live. In a gripping narrative full of turns and turns, players assume the role of Bigby Wolf and make decisions that impact the investigation and relationships.


By emphasizing narrative, player agency, and emotional engagement, interactive narrative-driven games such as “Detroit: Become Human” are revolutionizing the gaming industry. With the help of their choices. Players can alter the plot in these immersive games, leading to a variety of possible endings. A similar, compelling experience can be had by those who are drawn to branching narratives, significant choices, and character-driven storytelling, as these games offer.

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