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Biography of Tatiana Tolstaya

Tatyana Nikitichna Tolstaya is a writer and a member of a literary dynasty whose inventiveness perpetuates the reputation of the family. The greatest in the short story genre, she was able to express her opinions in journalism and television audiences are aware of her stringent presentation style.


In May 1951, Tatyana was born in Leningrad. Tatiana’s family is just as unique and colorful as the writer herself. Mikhail Lozinsky, a well-known poet and literary translator, is my maternal grandfather. Famous author Alexei Tolstoy is my paternal grandfather. He is the author of the beloved books “The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Pinocchio” and “The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin.” The poetess Natalya Krandievskaya is Tatyana Nikitichna’s grandmother and Tolstoy’s wife. Tatyana Tolstoy’s father likewise succeeded; he followed a scientific career path rather than a literary one and became a physics professor.

The Tolstoy family had seven sons and daughters, so the home where the future writer was born was always lively and boisterous. Natalya, Tatyana’s sister, also went on to become a writer and a Swedish language instructor. In addition, Brother Ivan developed an interest in philology and Cold War history, both of which are discussed on Radio Liberty. Brother Mikhail dedicated his life to the natural sciences, taking particular interest in political science as well as physics.

Tatyana developed a passion for reading while she was younger. The girl chose classical philology to study at Leningrad University after graduating from high school. Here, Tolstaya pursued studies in Latin and Greek as well as literature.

The future author and TV host moved to the city with her husband, classical philologist Andrei Lebedev, in 1974 after receiving her degree from university.


Tatyana Nikitichna was employed as a proofreader in the editorial office of the Nauka publishing business for a number of years during her youth. This marked the start of Tolstoy’s literary biography. The critical piece “Glue and Scissors…”, which was published in the journal Voprosy Literatury in 1983, is the author’s debut work.

Tatyana Nikitichna subsequently said that she was compelled to write herself rather than merely reading and critiquing the works of others by an insignificant incident. Tatyana was had to lie with a bandage for a month following the eye surgery. She started writing texts as a means of passing the time when she was idle. This is how Tolstoy’s initial storylines for his later works came to be.

Tatyana Tolstaya took off the bandage and started writing down her fantasies right away. The first story was born, and it was published under the title “They were sitting on the golden porch…” in the well-known magazine “Aurora.” It didn’t take long for people to declare the narrative the finest literary debut of the 1980s. Driven by her achievements, Tolstaya penned an additional twenty stories, including “Sonya,” “Clean Slate,” and “If you love – you don’t,” which were released over the course of the following four years. October, Znamya, and New World, three upscale heavy magazines, accepted these pieces with great ease.

The title of the author’s debut piece appeared in her first collection of stories. The book was published in 1987 and was available for purchase to fans of Tatyana Nikitichna. Tatyana Tolstaya was admitted to the Union of Writers of the USSR shortly after the collection’s release. However, the new Writers’ Union member’s works were met with somewhat chilly criticism from the Soviet Union. The young author received criticism for his brilliance, stereotypical works, and “thick” writing.

Even Nevertheless, Tolstoy’s fan base continued to expand quickly. A young author who was not afraid to be sharp and use vibrant colors and original points of view made a rapid impact on the contemporary literary world. The author is still regarded as a thinker and even a rebel in modern times. The unexpected characters that emerge as heroes in her novels include homeless individuals, old-fashioned elderly women, crippled children, and city madmen.

Tatyana Nikitichna was granted admission to the Russian PEN Center in 1989. The author then left for the United States the next year, accepting an opportunity to become a Russian literature and writing instructor at one of Princeton University’s campuses. Tolstaya worked with the well-known publications TLS and The New Yorker at this time.

The author traveled to America on a regular basis for ten years, giving talks at different universities. After living in the USA for a few months, Tolstaya saw that the emigrants’ language was full of “underwords,” or unsightly mash-ups of other languages, as a result of environmental influences. In the article “Hope and Support,” the clever author was able to provide a detailed description of this phenomenon.

Tatyana Tolstaya started translating her own writings when she was living abroad, which helped her become well-known globally as a writer. The book “Sisters,” written by the author and her sister Natalya Tolstaya, was released in 1998.

Tatyana Tolstaya’s debut book, “Kys,” was published in 2000. Although the work had mixed reviews, it did well with many admirers. The Triumph Award was given to the author of the book, and it quickly became a bestseller. Plots have frequently used as the foundation for theater plays, including radio plays.

Works by Tatyana Tolstoy such as “Raisin,” “Circle,” and “River” soon refilled her bibliography. The first children’s book, titled “The Same ABC of Pinocchio,” was released in 2010 by Tolstaya and her niece Olga Prokhorova. This work has a connection to the well-known novel “The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Pinocchio,” written by Tatyana Nikitichna’s grandfather.

The author won several international honors in 2010. The writer’s name appeared on the list of the “One Hundred Most Influential Women in Russia” two years later, thanks to the efforts of the magazine Ogonyok and the radio station Echo of Moscow. Following the publication of the book “Light Worlds,” Tatyana Tolstaya was named a 2014 Belkin Literary Prize recipient.

Television and journalism

Tatyana did not forget her native country in the 1990s, when she was awarded her own column in the weekly Moscow News titled “Own Bell Tower.” Tolstaya was an editor for the journal “Capital”. The author’s articles were also published in the Russian Telegraph.

When the author did eventually return to Russia in 1999, she carried on with her journalism and teaching career there.

Tatyana Nikitichna made her television debut in 2002, first in “School of Scandal” and subsequently in “Basic Instinct.” She and Avdotya Smirnova co-hosted their last talk show. Numerous intellectuals came to love the program, which also earned the presenters the TEFI prize. Tolstaya later made an appearance on “Minute of Fame,” another program.

These days, the author spends her leisure time blogging and having creative encounters with her admirers. Tatyana Nikitichna has been publishing literary miniatures on her own Telegram channel since 2018.

The establishment of the “Good Text” school of writing encompassed another area of activity: instruction. Prominent academics from Moscow State University collaborated with the course participants; sessions took the shape of intense, two-week outdoor courses. The students who made it through the competition were individuals from various professions.

Tolstaya and Alexander Timofeevsky, who passed away suddenly shortly after, collaborated on the “White Noise” project. Ksenia Burzhskaya co-founded the YouTube show. Journalists first had the concept in 2020 during the pandemic. Their own merchandise soon followed. Holographic T-shirts in black and white were displayed on the City Loaf bakery’s website. Tatyana Lazareva, Renata Litvinova, and Ksenia Sobchak paid Tolstoy a visit in her workshop. The RSP recognized the writer’s accomplishments with the “Writer of the Year” award.


Cooking is one of Tolstoy’s other talents. The author possesses an extensive collection of recipes for both European and Russian cuisine. On her own Facebook page and on the LiveJournal blog, the author shares recipes for cakes, pies, and salads. Tatyana Nikitichna adds vibrant photographs to recipe descriptions to entice network users to explore their accounts more.

Individual existence

Tatyana Nikitichna keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share any details with the public. Sons Artemy and Alexey Lebedev, who were born in union with Andrei Lebedev, a descendant of the renowned military leader, are known to make up Tatyana’s family.

Lebedev helps Artemy, a gifted designer with his own studio, with creative direction.

Alexey, the youngest son of Tatyana Tolstoy, is a photographer who works in computer graphics and architecture and resides in America.

Right now, Tatyana Tolstaya

Right now Tatyana Nikitichna spends her creative hours throughout the nation. Thus, she traveled to Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk in September 2021 to introduce the people to the program “Chekhov.” Individuals, creatures, and arboreal plants. Chekhov’s stories contain hidden meanings.” Additionally, the author was a featured reader at the Novosibirsk literary festival “White Spot” in November.

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